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 Schedule of Sunday Services for July and August 2017


Date Sunday Time Preacher
2 July 2017 Trinity3 10.30 Jam and Holy Baptism Rev Emma Rutherford
9 July Trinity 4 10.30 Rev Ken Houston (Holy Communion)
16 July Trinity 5 10.30 Ms Lorna Douglas (Methodist)
23 July Trinity 6 10.30 Rev Ken Houston
30 July Trinity 7 10.30 "Songs of Praise" Rev Ken Houston
6 August Trinity 8 10.30 JAM and Holy Baptism Rev Emma Rutherford
13 August Trinity 9 10.30 Rev Emma Rutherford with Holy Communion (cel. Rev Ken Houston)
20 August Trinity 10 10.30 Ms Lorna Douglas  (Methodist)
27 August Trinity 11 10.30 Rev Ken Houston

* Note that some "Preachers" may be changed.

The staff along with Church Army personnel, Ms Karen Webb,  and Mr Stephen Whitten, will also be conducting worship in St Columba's Whiterock.

Mrs Rutherford is now Curate in Charge of both parishes.