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St Andrews's e-mail address: (this goes to Adrian Bell))

Webmaster: Rev Ken Houston (Rtd) will continue until a new Webmaster is appointed

Ministry team

Mr Adrian Bell - phone 07825774227


Mr Peter Blake


The above are part time ministers and serve both parishes.

Rev Colin Duncan - also minister of Shankill and Woodvale Methodist Churches and Superintendent of the Greater Shankill Methodist Circuit

phone 028 9075 1282 or 079 1278 7572


Safeguarding Trust Parish Panel Members St Andrew's: (to be revised)


Mrs Liz Tinsley plus two new members

Musician: Mrs Ella Horner

The following were elected at Easter General Vestry March 2017:

Secretary: Miss Margaret Wylie

Rector's Churchwarden: Liz Tinsley
People's Churchwarden: Jack Holmes
Rector's Glebewarden: Ken Courtney
People's Glebewarden: Ray Wylie

Select Vestry:  Charlotte Gray, Sally Horner, Ena Gillespie, Lil Gould, Tommy Gordon,  Margaret Wylie, Ella Horner, Liz Crowe, Olga Millar, Audrey Weir, Julie Hooke, Jennifer McTaggart

Diocesan Synod Members: Mrs L Gould, Miss M Wylie, Mrs Liz Tinsley, Mrs Sally Horner

Supplemental Diocesan Synod Members: Mrs Ena Gillespie, Mr Stephen Adams, Mr Jack Holmes, Mrs Julie Hooke

Parochial Nominators: Mrs L Gould, Mrs E Gillespie, Mrs C Gray,  Miss R Wylie