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Church e-mail address: (this comes to Ken Houston)

Church of Ireland:


Rev Emma Rutherford - Diocesan Curate (also has responsibility for St Columba's, Whiterock)



Rev. Ken Houston - Associate Priest [Webmaster]



Mr Adrian Bell - Diocesan Reader


Miss Emma Fleming - Family Support Worker




Rev Colin Duncan - Shankill Methodist - Superintendent of the Greater Shankill Methodist Circuit

phone 028 9075 1282 or 079 1278 7572


Safeguarding Trust Parish Panel Members:


Rev Emma Rutherford

Mrs Lil Gould

Mrs Liz Tinsley

Musician: Mrs Ella Horner

The following were elected at Easter General Vestry March 2017:

Secretary: Miss Margaret Wylie

Rector's Churchwarden: Liz Tinsley
People's Churchwarden: Jack Holmes
Rector's Glebewarden: Ken Courtney
People's Glebewarden: Ray Wylie

Select Vestry:  Charlotte Gray, Sally Horner, Ena Gillespie, Lil Gould, Tommy Gordon,  Margaret Wylie, Ella Horner, Liz Crowe, Olga Millar, Audrey Weir, Julie Hooke, Jennifer McTaggart

Diocesan Synod Members: Mrs L Gould, Miss M Wylie, Mrs Liz Tinsley, Mrs Sally Horner

Supplemental Diocesan Synod Members: Mrs Ena Gillespie, Mr Stephen Adams, Mr Jack Holmes, Mrs Julie Hooke

Parochial Nominators: Mrs L Gould, Mrs E Gillespie, Mrs C Gray,  Miss R Wylie