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A Special Sunday

Sunday 9th October 2005 was a special Sunday. 
First of all we had the ROCK worship group leading our singing. "ROCK" - Reaching Out to City  Kids - is a small church on the Shankill Road that has a particular ministry to young people. The members go into schools when invited, to talk about topics like good citizenship, and they run a youth club on several nights of the week.  Thank you ROCK for your ministry and for coming to share you talents with us on 9th October. Come back soon.
Then Scott interviewed Lil, Margaret and Valerie who had recently returned from a visit to Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. These ladies with three others from neighbouring parishes, spent three weeks there, working in several day care centres for children-in-need, painting walls, making curtains and helping cook and serve meals. The team visited a drug rehab centre for young people run by a local group called "reencounter" They also visited a poor community in Rio called Rio das Pedro's and a small Anglican mission church there run by Rev Roy Smith and his wife Noreen. Well done ladies, you had a wonderful experience to relate.
During the summer, some members of the Girls' Club were taught how to make mosaics. The lovely work of art on the right places the Christian symbol of the cross on Belfast's surrounding hills, with our local river, the Forth River, running through the scene. Karen Faulkner (centre rear) is a leader in the club. The mosaic was presented to the church and will soon be decorating a wall. The girls received certificates of achievement. Well done girls!
Finally we had our monthly celebration of the Holy Communion. Ken preached on Matthew 22:1-14. His sermon can be summarised in two words, "Be prepared."
Be prepared for the invitation to the heavenly banquet; do not be too busy with the affairs of the world. Be prepared to accept the invitation; make sure you have a good suit to wear, the spiritual suit of faith and acceptance of Jesus as Saviour.