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Mission 06 - "Open Doors"
A parish based outreach to Glencairn
from 7th to 14th May 2006
A report of the planning weekend - 4-5 February 2006
Roger, Scott and Paul Paul Roger The congregation
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Roger Murphy and Paul Hoey visited the parish on 4th and 5th February to initiate detailed planning. On the Saturday night meeting in the hall, the missioners outlined some ideas for the parish to consider. After a brainstorming session and prayer, it was agreed that the following activities should be attempted:

Visiting neighbours with a survey questionnaire and an invitation to attend;
Inviting neighbours in for coffee and to meet a missioner;
Preparing to "share faith naturally" by attending a "Lost for Words" course during Lent;
A big poster outside the church counting down the weeks and days to arouse curiosity;
Bring in others with specialist ministerial gifts to facilitate pub and club evangelism;
Pray together frequently and regularly for God's blessing on this enterprise, that people may hear and respond to the challenge of the Gospel.

Roger Murphy is a Church Army captain and works for Through Faith Missions.

Paul Hoey is a Church of Ireland minister and works for the Church Pastoral Aid Society.