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September 2010


Tough Talk

ARTHUR WHITE - World Champion Powerlifter, successful businessman, happy family man. Suddenly Arthur's life spirals out of control. Cocaine, steroids and an affair change everything. He loses his business, family - everything. Death seems the only way out. What changed him?

STEVE JOHNSTON - Steve's normal quota of alcohol was 100 pints a week! A bouncer who knew every pub in east London, Steve's days were filled with violence and aggression. His life was out of control. Would alcoholism, a gunshot or a knife end it/ What changed him?

IAN MCDOWALL - Body building was Ian's life - that and becoming NO.1. Being s doorman, debt collector and drug dealer kept Ian supplied with illegal steroids. His marriage was on the rocks - life for Ian was a cesspool of lies, deceit and violence. What changed him?

In the book Tough Talk, these men, with some editing help from Millie Murray, tell their own stories, and they are shockers! They were all hard men, saw themselves as invincible and self sufficient but driven by a passion - weight lifting, alcohol, body building, which took over their lives and which were threatening to kill them. They arrived at very bad places in their lives.

But through the Christian witness of others who had had experience of their ways of living, these men came to realise their dire positions and discovered that Jesus could and would transform them. This is what Arthur White wrote:

"Looking back on life, I have come across thousands of people, from all walks of life. Many will argue against the truth - about the existence of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. But no-one can argue against the truth of my life. In the past seven years, since I surrendered my life to Jesus, my life has been completely changed. I'm free from my eight-year cocaine addiction; my marriage has been restored; I have the love and respect of my children again; I have a decent job; I have a lovely home; my health is fully restored. And to top all that, I competed in and won another British and European title in the same organisation, and against the same competitors - and I was drug free. On the arm of my tee-shirt was printed: 'The joy of the LORD is my strength' (Nehemiah 8 verse 10)

"I often say and believe, that I'm more of a man now, than I ever was before. It takes 'real man' to be a follower of Jesus Christ in this dark, dark world. To claim that, in becoming a Christian, all your troubles vanish, you get piles of money and everything turns out great, would be a lie. The truth is, that no matter what your circumstances are, the joy of the Lord will be your strength, and Jesus will help you through them."

Steve and Ian give similar testimonies and today these three and others like them travel around when invited and tell their stories.

Is YOUR life heading for  a bad place? Don't wait until it is too late and you are pushing up daisies. Find out more about Jesus,  turn to him and be transformed. Perhaps some of the people you know have already gone down this road and will tell you about it.

Tough Talk (2000) is published by Authentic Media Limited. Their web address is

This book and Tough Talk 2 are currently available on


1 September 2010

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