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July 2010



Recently I was peacefully dozing in front of the Telly "watching" the world cup footie. (Well, it was hardly dynamic, was it!) I was rudely disturbed from my reverie by a loud noise from my neighbour's back yard. There he was, gleefully power-hosing down the drain all the accumulated dust and grime on his patio. I thought to myself that our own yard could do with the same treatment, but that would involve some exertion, and anyway, power-hosing the advanced state of decay of the bitumen surface would have done more harm than good. And so I returned to my slumber. But a verse from scripture came to mind and it started me thinking. In his letter to the 1st century church in Rome, Paul writes "I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes" [1:16] - God's power hose, getting rid of accumulated dust and grime in people's lives.

But more than that! Through the Gospel, God is empowering people, enabling them to advance the Kingdom of God in their part of the world. Power, first of all, to enable men and women to see themselves as they are seen by God - much loved children who have strayed and whom God wants to return to him in penitence and faith. Power to seek reconciliation with God and to receive it. Then on return, power to see God in their neighbour - not just the people next door, but all and any who are in need. Power to seek reconciliation with those neighbours from whom we are estranged through politics or religion or anger. Power for the healing of our own hurts and injuries.

The Greek word translated "power" in this verse is dynamis, and there are many occurrences in the NIV New Testament, for example -

  • After his baptism and period of testing in the wilderness, "Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the spirit." [Luke 4: 14]

  • When a sick woman touched the hem of his garment and was healed, "Jesus realised that power had gone out of him." [Mark 5: 30]

  • When Jesus sent out his twelve disciples on a mission, "he gave them power and authority." [Luke 9: 1]

Power for recognition, power for healing, power for mission!

Dynamis is the root of such English words as "dynamic" and "dynamo", words which convey the sense of "get up and go" and "power". Is the Gospel transforming you into a human dynamo?

Of course some people will be content to slumber and let others receive the power-hosing of the Gospel. And there are those who actively avoid the power of God because they know that responding to the call of the Gospel would require too big a change in their way of life.

Do you want to sleep while the joys of the Kingdom of God pass you by, or do you want to be a dynamo for Jesus? Don't wait too long deciding for the latter.

By the way, the Aussie batting in the "power-play" in today's 50-over cricket international was much more dynamic than the footie. I didn't slumber through that!


3 July 2010

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