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Summer 2007


Be sure to take time out to listen to the Lord!


Whether you are on vacation or simply resting at home, try to relax from work, at least for some of the time. Follow the example of Moses, Elijah and our Lord Jesus himself and take yourself off into a quite place, either a real physical place or a "mind" place in your home or by the holiday pool. And listen for God. Sometimes in our prayers, we do all the talking and all the asking, without giving God a chance to speak to us. Listen to see if he is saying something to you, perhaps about your current lifestyle, or perhaps about what he wants you to do for him in the future, or perhaps just to say that you are doing a good job at the minute.


It may change your life!


"Be still and know that I am God"

Ps 46:10



(13 July 2007)


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