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December 2006


Advent and Christmas

Advent wreaths are very popular because light is a powerful symbol of the presence and activity of God. Jesus claimed to be the Light of the world and the New Testament exhorts us to walk in the light. I hope that the following message will help you walk through December with a sense of godly peace and direction as you are guided by Jesus and bear His light to those around you.

A lot of people are willing to be more sentimental at this time of year than they usually would be. Maybe they want to conjure up some sort of magical feeling that will make everything OK at least for now. Others are tearful at Christmas because it heightens feelings of loneliness, increases debt and tips people over the edge into exhaustion and sometimes depression. For these and other reasons we need to stop the frantic activity for a while and reflect on a right Christian perspective about Christmas. 

 REPLACE the phony magic with a sense of the miraculous; Jesus is God’s gift to you. Immanuel means God with us!  Allow Him into your life now and enjoy God forever. He will remain with you long after the decorations have fallen down.

REPLACE the stress to achieve the perfect Christmas with daily pondering God's perfect gift.                                       

 REPLACE the stable with your heart—as the hymn writer says , “ there is room in my heart for thee.” This is a deliberate and specific invitation that you make to the Christ child born to be The Saviour.

REPLACE fear of the future with faith in the Father of Christmas, (not father Christmas). Like a lot of things, we have to make a choice. It’s not about feelings, in fact it’s a far more real spiritual experience to know the Lord in your difficulties and suffering, than to be like an artificial tree– not the real thing and knocked over easily!!

It’s my prayer that you will have a real, meaningful and blessed Christmas, even if it’s not perfect!!


(4 December 2006)

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