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November 2006




November is a month for "remembering".


Some still "Remember, Remember the Fifth of November", and if you know nothing of this, then read

but beware of the "pop-ups"!


Most people still mark Remembrance Day (11th) and Remembrance Sunday, when people remember those who were killed in war. This tradition started after World War 1, when, "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month", hostilities ceased.


Some now say that this tradition should stop, that it simply glorifies war, and anyway, there are so few alive who can actually remember the original events.


In my view, such people are wrong. War is a horrible thing and we need to remember its horribleness and seek to avoid it if we can. But yet, countries still use war as a means of settling disputes, and many people, soldiers and civilians alike, are horribly killed.


The folk singer, Eric Bogle, expresses these sentiments in a song called "Never Again/It's Happening Again":


"I have been to hell today. I saw the devil's naked face

I felt the poison freeze my heart in that evil, evil place


Never, never, again"


But then he reminds us that:


"It's happening again, it's happening again

Can't you see it's happening again?"


(C) Eric Bogle


Read all the words of the song here:


The Bible tells us that when people repent of their sins, then God says, "I will forgive their wickedness, and will remember their sins no more."


This is a wonderful thing to remember!


Ken (12 November 2006)


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