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March 2006
a message for Lent

Traditionally, on Shrove Tuesday (that is, Pancake Tuesday) we use up all the fatty food in the house by making and eating pancakes, so that we can then observe the Lenten fast with reduced temptation. We observe the period of Lent in this way, first of all as a reminder of the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness, with little food, to think through his plan for he mission and ministry. He was tempted to take shortcuts to achieve his goals but this he resisted. Secondly we observe Lent in this way as a preparation for our meditations during Holy Week when we remember the trials and crucifixion of Jesus, and as a means of preparing to meet our risen Lord, not only in glorious worship on Easter Day, but especially when he comes again to judge the Earth.

We often use Lent as a time for "giving things up", and, certainly in western society, where too many of us are too fat, it is good for us to give up some eating during this period. I am doing this. I have cut out  snacks between meals, and my mountain of breakfast cereal has been reduced to a mere hill. We should also think about giving away more of our wealth, and there are many countries, particularly in Africa, where people are starving due to yet another drought and who need our financial support at this time.

But we should also think of Lent as an opportunity to do something extra, something special, and many churches have a Lenten series of talks. We in Glencairn are holding such a series. We are following the "Lost for Words" course which is designed to enable "the man or woman in the pew" to share their faith with others, without being "lost for words". Then, come 6 May, many in St Andrew's will be active missionaries when we launch 

"Open Doors"!

 Join us. Meet Jesus. Make friends!