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November begins and ends with a saint's day. It fact 1st November is ALL Saints' Day. It is heralded in by the fireworks of Hallowe'en or All Hallows' Eve. This is the day when we think about "the communion of saints", that is all those Christians, both those on earth, the saints militant, and those in heaven, the saints triumphant. W. Walsham How's hymn, "For all the saints", speaks to us first about the saints who "from their labours rest" and are "ever blessed". The hymn goes on to pray that we, the saints militant still on earth, may "fight as the saints who nobly fought of old, and win the victor's crown of gold". The hymn encourages us to persevere in our Christian life in the daily struggle against sin, the world and the devil.
The Church of Sweden has an interesting practice at All Saints' tide. This is the time when children in schools are taught about death and resurrection in Christ. It is a time when families would especially visit the graves of family members, and give thanks for the love they were given, perhaps also for the life they received. Let us, too, give thanks for all those who are now with the saints triumphant and who influenced our lives for good.
At the end of November, on 30th of the month, we celebrate St Andrew's Day. St Andrew is, of course, the patron saint of Glencairn parish. St Andrew is remembered particularly because, in a sense, he was the first Christian missionary. We read in St John's gospel that Andrew, when he had encountered Jesus, went and told his brother, Simon Peter, "We have found the Christ". And he brought him to Jesus.
Glencairn parish is now starting to make plans for a parish mission in May 2006, from 6th to 14th. We are going to carry on the St Andrew's tradition of bringing others to the Lord. Everyone in the church will be involved. Please note the dates and please start praying for our missioner, Captain Roger Murphy. Also think of three people whom you know, outside the church, and pray daily that they may encounter the Lord. Watch our "Mission 06" web page for updates on the planning and campaign.