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Summer has arrived

Summer has arrived at least according to the calendar if not the weather! Hopefully for most of us it can be a time of refreshment and renewal. A time for a change if not a rest; a time when phones stop ringing (unless you take your mobile with you) and schedules stop pressing. Maybe also it will be a time for play, travelling and socialising with new and old friends. All of this can be very enriching and helps us return to familiar things feeling much better and even healthier. Summer breaks can be spiritually enriching too.  Why not, with the extra time, spend more time with the Bible? Why not take an hour a day for study preferably in the freshness of the morning and recurring times of meditation during the day? The Gospel of Luke is an excellent place to visit. It is the Gospel of the Spirit. Go through the whole gospel and let the Spirit of God refresh you. Others have done it and have returned to work and routine in the power of the Spirit! 

Rev Colin Meneely