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A Feast of Feasts!

 Through the month of May there is a veritable  feast of feast days in the church's calendar.

The 6th Sunday of the Season of Easter is commonly called "Rogation Sunday", and the name comes from the Latin verb  rogare which means "to ask". It is the time of year when we ask God to bless the work of the farming community who are busy out in the fields, ploughing and sewing seeds. We pray that there will be a good harvest in the late summer so that we may eat. Remember also in your prayers those countries where crops have failed, that the people may not starve, that we who are rich may share those riches with our brothers and sisters who are hungry.

Thursday 5th May this year is Ascension Day when we remember the time when Jesus finally ascended into heaven, forty days after the resurrection. The special ways in which the resurrected Jesus had appeared to his followers for forty days had ended. From then on He would be with them in spirit, the same spirit of God who came in power to the disciples on .......

The Day of Pentecost, this year on Sunday 15th May. The Bible, in Acts chapter 2, tells us how the disciples were suddenly transformed into men and women with a mission - a mission to tell the people of  the whole  world the Gospel of salvation - freedom from guilt and sin, grace to life as God intended us to live.

Humankind had now experienced God in three ways - as creator and provider in the Person of God the Father, as redeemer and their friend Jesus in the Person of God the Son, and as comforter and empowerer in the Person of God the Holy Spirit. And so the truth of God the Holy Trinity came to be known, and we celebrate this on Trinity Sunday , the 22nd May.

Enjoy this Feast of Feasts!