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A Message for Easter from Rev. Ken Houston

"Christ is Risen!
The Lord is risen indeed!

 This is the traditional liturgal greeting used throughout the Christian Church at Eastertide. It proclaims the central message of the Gospel that Jesus, the Christ (or Messiah or the One anointed by God), who was crucified on Good Friday, who died and was buried, is now alive for evermore. This  is the fundalmental belief of Christians, on which all else stands or fails. This is indeed Good News for humanity and for the world. There are three reasons for this.

1. Christians believe that "Christ died for our sins". That is, Christ, though his suffering and death, paid the ramson for us so that we may receive forgiveness for sin, and grace to lead a new live following his commandments and example.

2. Christians believe that there is "life after death", that those who die in the faith will be with the Lord for all eternity.

3. Through his death and resurrection, Christ is now free from the constraints of space and time to be with all who believe, wherever they life and whenever they lived.

Coem celebrate with us this wonderful message.