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A Message for Lent from Rev. Greg Pimlott

 Throughout our history, Christians have gone to the desert seeking spiritual renewal.  In doing this, we follow the example of Jesus, who went to the desert for forty days and nights to be tempted by the devil (see the Gospel of Matthew, chapter four).  Although the desert seems barren and empty, and can be a scary place, it is also a time of purification, when we focus on our sinfulness and learn to depend more fully on our Creator.  It is a time when we learn that “we do not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Do you feel like you are in a spiritual desert?  Does your life feel barren and empty, far removed from sources of comfort and strength?  During these weeks before Easter, we invite you to join us as we prepare to celebrate the resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ.  Because, as we read in Scripture, “sorrow lasts but a night; but joy comes in the morning.”