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A message for New Year from Rev. Ken Houston


January is the beginning of a New Year. We have inherited January from the ancient Romans, who included it as the first month of the year in their calendar. The Romans called January after one of their gods, Janus, the god of new beginnings. Janus was depicted in art as having two faces, an old face looking back at the year just past, and a young face looking forward to the year to come. Janus was also considered to be the god of doors, as a door can let one out and let one in - it goes both ways.

Sometimes we are so comfortable with our lives that we miss an opportunity to go through a door that opens to a new beginning for us. We are hesitant in moving to a new, better job somewhere, or in making an important decision. We may be hesitant in moving through the door to become a Christian or to accept a new challenge in Christian ministry.

It is not Janus, but Jesus, who stands at the door to the New Year. Jesus, the Lord, who said, "Behold I make all things new", is calling us through that door, either to a new life in Him or to new service for Him. Do not hesitate to accept this call to a new beginning. Stop looking back at the past and step through the door into 2005 with confidence!