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Read what Alf McCreary wrote in The Belfast Telegraph -

Churches must play the game
By Alf McCreary
24 July 2004 

Some quotes - 

"Earlier this week the Church of Ireland Bishop of Connor took part in a soccer kickabout with youngsters in west Belfast. In doing so the Rt Rev Alan Harper showed that life has changed since the days of stuffy bishops who were all gas and gaiters." 

"He also showed that the Church, to use a soccer term, is trying hard to remain "on the ball", in a secular world where the words and actions of a bishop or any other Church leader are no longer accepted without question."

"Valerie Thom, the Church Army Community Evangelist in the area, has been part of a team working on the project since last autumn and it was a considerable achievement to have persuaded no fewer than seven soccer coaches from Liverpool FC to take part."

She said: "I am excited about the work we are doing here with other Churches and local groups. Church is not just about buildings and Sunday services. It is about caring for people in all aspects of their lives." 

Bishop Harper also underlined the importance of the event. "This was an imaginative way in which the Church can help meet the needs of young people on their home ground."

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