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St Andrew's Church features in a recent book

Towers, Spires and Pinnacles
A history of the cathedrals and churches of the Church of Ireland

Sam Hutchison

Published by Wordwell Ltd, Bray, 2003
ISBN 1 869857 57 7

Of course the book features many more Church of Ireland churches as well, but it is nice to get a mention.

On page 129, there is a photograph of the interior of the church - the same photo that appears in the top right hand corner of this web page and at churchphotos.htm.

The author writes, "Perhaps, owing to the civil unrest [in the 1970s], there has been a tendency to deliberately creat buildings with a plain anonymous appearance to avoid attention. Often, however, these stark exteriors hide a bright and welcoming interior, as at St Andrew's, Glencairn."

The church has previously featured  in "Churches of the Diocese of Connor - an Illustrated History" by Ernest V. Scott on page 36. [I will write more about this soon. (Webmaster)]