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Walking with the Covenant
by Revd Brian Griffin
Methodist Minister at Primacy Christ Church
and a member of the Covenant Council

"It is over two years since the [Church of Ireland - Methodist] Covenant(*) was adopted by the General Synod of the Church of Ireland and the Methodist Conference. It is time, therefore, to make an assessment on the impact of the Covenant in Ireland. It is time to assess how far both denominations are growing together and to ask is unity being more visibly realised.

"The most shining example of a truly united church is at Glencairn, in the Ballygomartin area of Belfast. Here weekly worship is united and Holy Communion is administered according to either the C of I or Methodist usage. What is striking about Glencairn is the sensitivity by the C of I towards the smaller number of people with a Methodist background."

Church of Ireland Gazette, 25 March 2005, page 16

[The article goes on to describe other examples of the Covenant working in practice.]

(*) See Some past events - 16 March 2003

It is interesting to note that new converts to Christianity, with no previous denominational  background, see themselves as "members of St Andrew's" and not as either Church of Ireland or Methodist.