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A message for Christmas from Captain Scott McDonald


God has a plan. Christmas and Easter have shaped history and calendars. His plan is still unfolding.
Do you think the second coming of Christ will begin before you finish reading this article? No? Jesus likened this event to that of a “ thief in the night. ” This is not a reminder to upgrade our household security but a warning to take God seriously. This world belongs to him. He owns you and me and we are responsible to him for our words, choices and actions. Do not be like the business man who astutely responded to prevailing circumstances. He succeeded in implementing plans for growth that achieved the desired results that set him up for life and yet he neglected to undertake for his very soul. Jesus called him a fool. The bible defines a fool as someone who says in his heart “ there is no God. ” ( Psalm 14:1 ).

Are you still with me?

The Second Coming of Christ may not have started yet but it will happen  as in the days of Noah when people were eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage and when people will be out in the fields working or at home preparing food……..anytime really then!

Please Lord Jesus intervene in my life that I may be ready.

See the Gospel of Matthew 24 : 36 - 44